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 Basic Server Admin Commands

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PostSubject: Basic Server Admin Commands   Basic Server Admin Commands I_icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2014 2:30 pm

"*" this means console command
"/" this means chat command

Basic admin Commands:

*amx_slap "playername" "damage" - slaps play with amount of damge
*amx_slay "playername" - slays player who is afk or inactive
*amx_kick "playername or id" "reason" - removes player from server for inactiveness or disruptiveness
*amx_ban "playername or id" "time" "reason" - bans a player from server for disruptiveness or hacking
*amx_banip "playername or id" "time" "reason" - bans ip of player
*amx_fuck "playername" - Exterminates hacker or cheater from server
*amx_last - displays last ip connections
*amx_transfer "playername" "team" - transfers playe to particular team
*amx_resetscore "playername" - resets score of player
*amx_ss "playername or id" "screens" - takes screenshot of player who is assumed to be hacking and sends them spectate
*amx_gag "playername or id" "time (1m/60)" "flags abcd" "reason" - gags a player from chat & voicecommunication
*amx_map "mapname" - changes map


*amx_chat "message" - sends a message to all admins only
*amx_say "message" - sends a message to all players
*amx-psay "playername" "message" - sends a private message to player


*a3_record - displays record menu
*a3_stop - stops recording a demo


*amx_aimstatus - Show aimbot detection plugin status.
*amx_aimwatch <1=On 0=Off> - Add\Remove aimbot watch on

Player commands

*admin_who - displays admins online
/resetscore - resets your score
/bf2_menu - displays Battlefied rank stats & help
/rank - displays rank
/stats - displays your stats
/rankstats - displays your rankstats

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Basic Server Admin Commands

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